The JAMUI district is surrounded by dense forest & geographically difficult terrain, there are number of sparsely populated habitations within. Such habitations have not been provided with school facility in their neighbourhood as per state norms. Thus in order to insure elementary education of all the children of age group 6-14 yrs. Belonging to such habitation, Residential Hostel/School has been established in U M.S. Hathiawar Taljhari, Laxmipur campus under SSA. The children belonging to such habitations remains deprived of elementary education as they are compelled to live there life in highly difficult situation . They are engaged in either domestic activities like taking care of cows, got, sheep, making of bidi...etc. Jamui is the amogst two such district of Bihar where such kind of hostel facility has been provided under SSA. Although This hostel is supposed to cover only boys of such habitation with asumption that the girls are being covered by KGBV (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Viidyalaya) which is also providing residential facility, but still district is experiencing to have no option for the 6-10 age group of girls children rsiding under such habitaions.

The hostel has been sanctioned to accomodate 100 children of above situation. Currently most of the accomodated children are of of SC & ST category .----

The Hostel provides full airy accommodation along with fooding facility to the children.

As the Hostel lies under the campus of the elementary level school , children are enrolled to the age appropriate class in the same school and are assured to attend school every day. Although the children has been enrolled in the age appropriate class , most of the students have less learning level/Competency level as compered to thier age appropriate class they are enrolled in. Therefor under section-4 of RTE they need special training support untill they acheive expected competency level.

There are four expert and dedicated teachers who are there in hostel for 24 hrs. to take proper care of children. These teachers are supposed to provide special and expected necessary academic support to the children After and before School hour.

The Hostel has two dedicated cook and separate & secured kitchen shade to insure preparation of healthy and testy meal/ Breakfast for the children.The Children are allowed to play game of their interest as the Campus has sufficient play ground. All the necessary sports materials and supports are made available to the children.